Professional Scrum Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Scrum, a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organisations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.

I guide individuals, teams, and organisations in the professional use of Scrum. No flaccid (”lacking vigour or effectiveness”) or mechanical (“done without thought”) Scrum. Yet a use of Scrum that
– builds awesome teams
– brings faster Return on Investment (ROI),
– reduces business risks faster,
– makes all you need to know transparent, and
– makes the organisation agile enough to respond faster than their competitors to changing market expectations.
A use of Scrum that makes you smile.

We achieve this as a team. Through professional hands-on training and coaching.
Wherever you are in your journey, already years of experience, or brand new to the topic, I serve you in taking your next steps.

Fast Tangible Results.


My Purpose

I truly believe that self-organizing, cross-functional and collaborative teams, supported by their organisation, can deliver high-value, release-quality product increments at least every month.

My purpose is to energise, encourage and inspire individuals and teams so that they successfully overcome the challenges on their path, making them more complete persons.

My name is Steven Deneir.
I am a Professional Scrum Trainer and coach.
At your service.

My Vision

The world of business these days has a huge problem: companies honestly think they are agile, while they have no insight in the value perceived by their customers, users, markets. These businesses think they “do agile”, while they are only using some terminology, at most.

You can see it in a lot of places around you: teams do a Sprint Planning, but there is no Sprint Goal to act as a target as a result; teams do a Daily Scrum, but the team is not aligned on the focus of the day so there is no real collaboration; teams do a Sprint Review, but there are no users or customers present and as such no real insight in how valuable the work of the last weeks is; teams do a Sprint Retrospective, but there are no actionable improvement points coming out of it that are implemented immediately the next Sprint.

Every single week I receive questions from people who have the title Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Project Manager or similar, about should we use this or that tool, while the real question to ask is how they can grow the team members so they become a self-organising team that can bring a solution to a problem a customer is facing.

This gave me the insight that professional and experience based insight and support is needed for organisations in order to get the maximum value out of an agile adoption.

Much like a sports team, any performing sports team, has a coach training and supporting them. I bring you the training and coaching for agile adoptions, from the development team members to the CEO.

My approach is based on Professional Scrum Training and Co-Active coaching. You have one partner with a large network of colleagues that have the experience and can guide you more effectively overcoming the challenges an agile adoption brings.

In the end, you will have a self-organising team that is delivering value for your market every single Sprint, and that allows you to stay in closer contact with the consumers to better understand their needs. This learning cycle enforces itself and as such you will stay miles ahead of the competition.