Why one-on-one Professional Scrum Coaching for team members and stakeholders?

I am convinced that every single individual does the best she can with the knowledge and experience available at that moment.
You, your team, are capable of achieving greatness, if only you have the right counsel and support at the right time.
And that is where one-on-one coaching comes into play: to guide you at the right moment through the challenges you face. To increase your impact.

I provide individual, personalised, one-on-one Scrum coaching to help you, be it as an Agile Leader, a Product Owner, a Scrum Master or a Development Team member, develop your skills needed to achieve professional Scrum usage, to achieve your and your team goals.

A study of the International Coaching federation shows us that
80% of the coachees experienced improved self-confidence,
73% improved relationships,
72% improved communication skills,
71% improved interpersonal skills, and
70% improved work performance.

Interested in boosting your teams’ Professional Scrum skills? Click here for Team-level Professional Scrum Coaching.

This is what coachees say about my One-on-one Professional Scrum Coaching

September 12

Steven is an extremely knowledgeable coach who is dedicated to helping and developing Scrum Masters. He volunteered his time to take part in a study group that I am part of, where he regularly coaches and gives feedback to members to help them learn and grow. After I found myself a bit lost when it came to the direction I needed to go in, I had a one-on-on Professional Scrum coaching session with Steven. After he spent time with me I came out with a solid plan on what my next steps should be and with a clearer picture on how to tackle the challenges ahead. This was accomplished by Steven asking me meaningful and challenging questions as well as being supportive through the whole process. He is a compassionate and insightful servant leader and I would recommend that anyone in need of coaching and training look to Steven for guidance.

Rebecca Dunstan

November 11

Steven Deneir, I really appreciate all of your guidance on my journey to my PSM III. You are an amazing coach. Thank you.

Rebecca Dunstan

September 16

As a Scrum Master I believe it’s a good idea to look for coaching yourself. Through talking with Steven on the challenges I am facing at my current customer we got to having a one-on-one coaching session. Steven took time to listen and asked good questions to gather the full context of the situation. He also affirmed understanding it. It was already a great feeling to have a coach taking time to do this. What I liked most is that once Steven had a picture, he was able to push the pain points with very simple and to the point questions. It gave me focus, helped me to take a step back and directed me towards the solution(s) I was looking for. If you are a Scrum Master or Agile coach looking for coaching or mentoring, do get in touch with Steven. It will be worth your time!

Serge Huybrechts

One-on-one Professional Scrum Coaching for every level in your organisation

The people are the crucial factor in the success of your products and services.
Regardless your role, regardless where you are in your career, regardless if you are new to Scrum or if you have years of hands-on experience, Professional Scrum coaching is beneficial to your professional growth and the success of your team and organisation.

—> For Agile Leaders: leaders and managers are critical enablers to help their organisation being successful. The role of the agile leader is typically quite different from what they are used to.
Use this one-on-one coaching to understand and sharpen your skills to guide and support your agile teams and help them remove impediments.

—> For Product Owners: maximising value is the core of your role. Ordering the Product Backlog, understanding the market, building relationships with prospects and clients, sharing your product vision, …
In one-on-one coaching you will raise your understanding of the Product Owner role and grow the needed skills to maximise the value for your customers and organisation.

—> For Scrum Masters: being a servant-leader for the Scrum Team, and helping those outside the Scrum Team understand which of their interactions are helpful and which aren’t. You are faced with a lot of challenge around the professional use of Scrum.
Through one-on-one coaching your knowledge and expertise about Scrum, especially about the rationale behind each of the concepts, will receive a boost. Having conversations around day-to-day challenges you face will make you grow faster than your team so you can keep serving them.

—> For Development Team members: delivering a Done, potentially releasable product Increment involves a lot of collaboration, and this will bring conflicts. As part of a cross-functional, self-organising team, there are expectations to grow your technical and inter-personal skills.
Use this one-on-one coaching to build up that skill set that your team is needing from you.

How one-on-one Professional Scrum Coaching helps you or your team members reaching your/their potential

You want to be at your best, committed, focussed to reach an objective. I can help you to become your best. Using a Co-Active Coaching approach, combined with my 20 years of hands-on experience using the Scrum framework, we will collaboratively address your challenges.

You get
– a licensed Professional Scrum Trainer
– a certified Professional Scrum Master level III
– a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner level III
20 years of hands-on Scrum experience to tap into
– a coach trained in and using the Co-Active Coaching approach

My approach to one-on-one Professional Scrum Coaching

We work out the coaching agenda together so that you raise your potential to reach your objectives. And if I feel one of my colleagues can help you better, I will bring you in contact with the coach that can help you best.

During a first Get-to-Know-Each-Other sessions we will discover what your challenges are, where you are now, and where you want to arrive.

Depending your challenges you want to see addressed, more or less sessions will be needed. A typical package of 10 sessions will bring you quite an important number of important insight helping you in your personal growth using the Scrum framework. The investment you want to put into it is entirely your choice. You can opt-out at any moment, and opt-back-in if you feel you are again ready for it.
Sessions typically take one hour. If we feel we need to shorten or lengthen sessions, we will.

Depending your individual situation at that moment, you can bring your own agenda of topics and challenges running into, or we can navigate through the Professional Scrum Competencies in a specific order matching your challenges. Together we will discover the best approach.

PS. Sessions are online using the tool Zoom and as needed we use Mural to capture intermediate results of conversations and reflections.

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