Teams and organisations that truly want to transform towards an agile business need time. Time to learn, time to experiment, time to improve.

With hands-on coaching support, the timeframe needed to become a self-organising, cross-functional, collaborative and continuously improving team can be greatly reduced.

I guide individuals and teams getting there. I help them achieving their full potential and deliver results. In a way shorter time than would be needed without my coaching.

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Each team or organisation is different. I cannot predict your journey. It will be as unique as you are.

I can say though that we will do it together.

—> Step 1/ We prepare together. I explain and show what I mean – by doing it; while you observe. We evaluate together and identify next steps.

—> Step 2/ We prepare together. You execute with my support. We evaluate together and identify next steps.

—> Step 3/ You prepare. You execute. I observe. You can ask for any support you feel you still need. We evaluate together and identify next steps.

We iterate as needed.

Results you can expect

What you can expect from the coaching:
– Faster risk reduction
– Faster release-quality products
– Higher transparency in all aspects of the product and team
– Important growth in skills available to the team, both technical and relationship building skills

Results you can expect - the promise of agile

Coaching Areas

We will work on different levels:

– People level: the entire team will become self-organising. They will be able to decide the best approach to achieve a goal that is agreed with them.
Persons outside the team itself, including management and service departments, will be coached to service the team as best as possible.
Focus will be on removing impediments for the teams and improving the overall system.

– Product level: together with business knowledgeable persons, the approach to manage expectations will become focussed on value delivery. All team members and stakeholders will be coached to understand value and maximise it.

– Process level (incl. tools): together with the team members processes will be evaluated for actionable improvements. Where they are not (yet) mandated to change themselves, these topics will be addressed with the respective part of the organisation

Coaching focuses on three areas: people, process and product